Reconnecting with an old friend


Back in the day, I had a blog. It was mostly cat pictures and funny stories, but it helped me connect with so many people that are still friends to this day. After a while, life got in the way and I stopped posting, especially when Facebook came along. It was just easier to use. But I still kept the domain name for nostalgic and “you never know” times.

Fast-forward to today. As I’ve mentioned on Facebook, I have chronic depression and anxiety. It’s been a struggle for most of my adult life and while therapy and medication have helped me manage it for the most part, I still have times where it’s not enough. Add in a big heaping spoonful of fibromyalgia and insomnia and you got yourself a nice little crazy cocktail.

One tool that has been helpful for breaking that loop of anxious thoughts in my brain (and causing many sleepless nights) has been keeping a diary/blogging. I was thinking of creating a separate blog for city-related issues, and that made me think of this old friend. And so here we are.

I’m hoping that by being open about my struggles, providing some laughs, and sharing some things that have helped me through the years might help someone else. And if I’m going to talk the talk, then I need to walk the walk.

However, as I’ve been rather wordy as of late, I figured it might be better to post a summary there and then a link to here for anyone who does want to read this mess. If I think it is potentially offensive to some, I will note in the summary. So it is your responsibility once you click that link, and if you are offended by what I say or post, then that’s on you, not me.

There will be no talk of specific city business that would violate the Open Meetings law here in Tennessee. This is just me. And the cats, of course. And sometimes others, but I will likely either use initials or change names if I feel it is necessary.

As a disclaimer, any public post on here is something I would freely share on Facebook. There will be private posts, but those are for me for the really heavy stuff and anything else that I would consider oversharing or TMI.

I don’t know if this will take off or not. I probably won’t post every day. But I need to try a different way of managing my stress and this is a perfect place to do so.


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  1. I’m glad you are writing again Michelle, and I know you never left, because on FB too, I enjoy your posts. I let my domain go, but you can always link to me at my main networking page:

    I’m here, and I’m definitely going to read your updates here.

    1. Will do, ma’am. And I’m excited about it. A lot has changed with blogging tools since then, and a lot of stuff is easier compared to having to hunt down, copy, and paste code back in the day. Eventually I’d like to actually host the site and use WordPress or some other kind of blogging tool, but I don’t have the free time for that kind of coding right now. Plus I want to make sure I’m actually using this enough to justify the cost.

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