Who the heck ARE you?

I realized that those visiting for the first time through the WordPress community or those from Facebook who may not know me very well would like a more official “About Me” page. Whether or not I’m sane will be left up to your discretion 😉

Mostly I consider myself a semi-functioning adult with a personality and mental state that resembles a snarl of Christmas tree lights 99% of the time.

I’m a 36 year-old with:

  • a darkly humorous, cynical view of the world and of humanity (no explanation needed, just turn on the news people).
  • a handful of Betty White’s personality, usually resulting in a missing mouth filter and a lot of sarcastic, no-bullshit attitude.
  • an immature 12-year old brain that is close to the gutter if not rolling around in it.
  • a mix of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and insomnia (what I like to call FADI).
  • a need to try to make a difference in this world that seems to be circling the drain.
  • a spilled box full of crazy cat lady syndrome.
  • 2+ years of therapy under my belt. Trust me, it used to be a lot worse.


  • Video games – PC mostly, sandbox open worlds, RPGs, simulations, etc.*
  • Reading – post-apocalyptic and “end of the world” fiction, biographies, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, Stephen King, Ready Player One, and a lot of Kindle Unlimited books.*
  • Cats – obviously. Though I am pretty much an overall animal lover and prefer them to people most of the time. Am also experienced in various cat illnesses, food, toys, etc.*
  • History – a lot of “weird” history, unique historical references, historical fiction, political history, and so on (it’s really a mixed grab bag for me).*
  • Music – A constant rotation of music, from Journey and Aerosmith to Lady Gaga to Dolly Parton to Disney songs, to more recently, favorite unique artists I’ve found through YouTube and other places.*
  • Everything else – psychology (as much as I dislike most people, I’m fascinated by concepts like groupthink and different mental illnesses), Amazon and android products groupie, documentaries (the weirder or more unique the better), TV shows*, hobbies I can’t seem to ever get around to like woodburning, painting, crocheting, gardening, etc.

*I plan to have some posts about these in more detail as there is too much to cover here. I’ll probably also want to review some stuff.

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