No sleep fuels the drama llama


This was me yesterday when B was trying to explain weighing different kinds of averages based on what someone wants to see (average of averages vs. just an average of the total). Hell, this is me when he tries to explain ANY mathematical or statistical concept. But when I’m not sleeping well and am stressed out (which is the norm lately), it’s a million times worse.


I have learned that 1) I’m more of a visual person when it comes to this kind of stuff, 2) I get really over dramatic when I don’t sleep for 30+ hours, and 3) he is WAY up on a different level than me when it comes to math and statistics.

I get it today, finally, after a decent night’s sleep. I’m thankful he’s willing to help and have patience that I may pull a stupid card and act all dramatic about it if I’m stressed 😆

When I am stressed and haven’t slept, this is always the recipe for the day.

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