Let’s Meet the Meowers of Death

A lot of you are probably thinking, for a site called When Cats Attack, there is a distinct lack of cats around here, neither of the attack variety or otherwise.

And you are correct. Time has gotten away from me and I have not given their introduction the attention it deserves. I had hoped to start a Feline Friday segment with the first one being this introduction, but unfortunately a rant got in the way.

The Meowers of Death began their reign with Felix about 16 years ago. I grew up around dogs, but I’d wanted a cat for years. I got my wish with a tiny bundle of tuxedo cat that I named Felix.

From Felix to now, a number of other minions have come (and gone) to join in on the quest to enslave humans (or at least annoy the crap out of me whenever they can). As it stands, and hopefully for many years to come, I have 11 cats.

*Wait, 11? If you have questions or concerns, I now refer you to the disclaimer and FAQs at the bottom of this post.

All set? Then let’s get to the introductions. I ordered them by the date they arrived. Only a few were mostly/full grown (Quixote, Sidonia, Kal-el, Oreo)…the rest came in as kittens. All are still playful for their ages and in reasonably good health (with a few minor issues for the oldest 2).

You can click a thumbnail pic to kick off a slideshow with bigger photos.

*FAQs and those with concerns – this is recommended reading for you.

    • Yes, 11.
    • Yes, they are all current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, pampered and frequently visit their vet whether they want to or not.
    • Yes, we are financially able to care for all of them. They are spoiled rotten and eat better food than I do sometimes.
    • No, I do not need to see a therapist for this. I already see one, and trust me, we have talked about this extensively. She is not concerned. I trust her judgment above people on the internet.
    • Yes, they are all indoors. I have a 2500+ square foot house and no kids (nor any plans to have kids). And we have a huge screened in porch. They have plenty of room.
    • No, my house does not resemble something from Animal Hoarders. I’ve seen worse houses with people who have only a few kids.
    • No, I cannot tell you what to do if your cat is sick and you want to avoid the vet. Take your pet to the vet. 
    • No, there are no vacancies. No, I cannot foster. No, I cannot find a home for your cat. I will gladly redirect you to people who can, but I personally cannot help.
    • Many, MANY cat toys.
    • They range in age from almost 16 years (Felix) to 7 years (Reepicheep).
    • I am on a first-name basis with most of the staff at my vet’s office. They are pretty much a second family to me.
    • 4 have come and gone over the years – Betsy, Pepper, Izumi, and Miya. I will have their own pages in the future.
    • I spent too many years being insecure about who I am, and I refuse to do so from here on out. These cats have been there for me longer than anyone except my family, so while you are welcome to form your own opinion/judgment concerning how I choose to live my life, then don’t let the door hit your behind on the way out, mmm’kay?
    • No, this is not me:

giphy (10)
I’d get way too hot wearing that coat all the time. Plus, I hate pink.

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