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I hate politics. Which is funny because I’m a politician (city alderwoman). And the reasons why could and probably will be a post all on it’s own.

State and federal government though…entirely different subjects. I am reluctant to talk about them because I know I disagree with the majority in my community on a number of subjects. And the whole “listening to others and trying to find common ground” strategy sadly just does not work.

Again, another post for another day.

However, I do want to discuss something that’s not getting a lot of attention in regards to the upcoming spending bill. One key item in the bill WILL affect our local community if it is not included.

Washington Post article link

“The spending bill would also provide two years of funding for the federal community health center program, which lapsed last year and is at risk of running out of spending authority, and would also extend several other programs.”

It’s called Section 330, federal funding for Community Health Centers. It has previously had bi-partisan support, but I worry it will get lost in the shuffle with all of the usual puffery and squabbling that seems to go along with anything in Washington.

Hope Family Health, a local community healthcare organization, relies on this funding to provide services for those who are uninsured and under 200% of the poverty level. If this is not re-authorized, they will lose 33% of their funding.

We’re lucky enough to have two different health services groups in our city. And I cannot recommend Hope Family Health enough for anyone who is looking for health and behavioral services in this area. I use their services and could not be happier. My nurse practitioner listens and he and I work together to find out what works and what doesn’t. He admits when he’s unsure about something, provides recommendations to counter that, and also does research on different strategies to try. He has helped me more than my family doctor and a number of specialists combined.

With that level of care, we have a unique gem in a country struggling with healthcare cost and quality. Consider showing your support for them by calling or emailing your federal representatives and asking them to support Section 330.

(Phone numbers and official websites included)

Lamar Alexander
Bob Corker

House of Representatives 6th District
Diane Black

More on Community Health Centers federal spending (and the impact so far of delaying the decision)

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