Review – Arteza Expert Colored Pencils

In the past few months, I have been really interested in coloring and art. After watching a number of YouTube videos on techniques, reviews, and just color and chats, I decided to create a channel of my own called Coloring, Chats, and Cats.

If you go to the channel, I have a few videos up already introducing myself, what I’ve done so far, and what my plans are for June. Today I posted my first review, which was for the Arteza Expert Colored Pencils. I just cover how they work on coloring books in this, but really the pros and cons would be the same for other types of art.

You can check out the full review and demo on the YouTube channel, but if you’d rather get the TLDR (or rather, too long didn’t listen, I suppose) version, just keep on scrolling and I’ll give you the quick(er) rundown.

Review – Arteza Expert Colored Pencils

I reviewed the 72 set, which is the biggest set you can purchase. It is as of this writing $29 on Amazon. There are 48 sets also available for cheaper if you want to just try them out.

These were gifted to me by a family member for my birthday, so I wanted to note I did not receive these as a promotional item.

Arteza 72 Expert Colored Pencils Set – Amazon link
(all Amazon links on this site are affiliate links)

Arteza makes a variety of art supplies, including colored pencils, water-based brush pens, and different types of art paper and books. You can enter your email address on their official site, and as with any setup like that, I would expect to see sales and discounts occasionally offered to those who sign up.


  • Cost – I would consider these a mid-priced colored pencil, with prices ranging from $12 – $29 on Amazon for the sets offered.
  • Color on paper – Strong, vibrant colors that can compete with Prismacolor Premiers pigment in my opinion.
  • Easy laydown of color – I did not have to put a lot of pressure on the pencil to get good color. Not as soft as Prisma Premiers, but that’s difficult to do. They still lay down color a lot easier than I expected.
  • Plays well with other pencil brands – I tried them with Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier pencils and they fit right in.
  • Durable and easy to use – they sharpen to a good point, the round shape fits well in my hands, and they can withstand some abuse. Even being dropped on the floor a few times did not cause trouble with lead breakage.


  • Limited color palette – while there are a great number of colored represented, there are not a lot of choices with one specific color if you plan to use some techiques like blending, gradients, etc. It would be a challenge to color just with this set if you want to use a lot of techique and different shades of a color.
  • No open stock – when you run through one of the pencils in the set, you cannot just buy that pencil through open stock, either Amazon or You either have to find a similar color in that set or buy an entirely new set. Again, with limited shades of colors, it may be difficult to find a similar color in the Arteza set.
  • Moderate blend ability and layering – blends fairly well, but when using a colorless blender or multiple light layers, the color becomes a little patchy and grainy instead of blending seamlessly with other Arteza pencils or other brands.

Final Verdict

I’m really happy overall with these pencils. The color is strong and beautiful from the pencils. As a standalone set for someone who want to use multiple shades of a color at a time, this is not the ideal set. However, as a compliment to the other pencil brands out there, this set is ideal. Any graininess from layers is not extremely noticeable and can be smoothed out further using mineral spirits.

If you are looking to upgrade from Crayolas and want a set that will allow you to practice coloring techniques, but you are on a budget, these pencils would be a great option. They are mid-ranged priced, and their performance is right at that level as well.

Items referenced in the video:
Arteza 72 Expert Colored Pencils Set – Amazon link
72 slot pencil case – Amazon link
Artist Glove – Set of 3 – Amazon link
(all Amazon links on this site are affiliate links)

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