JFC, Avast and Piriform.

Unbelievable. First Equifax, a company to help protect your credit through monitoring, is hackedĀ and has opened a Pandora's Box of unsecured data practices throughout their company. Now Avast, who owns Piriform, finds that malware was added to the August updated release of CCleaner. CCleaner is a VERY popular computer junk file removal tool. Like, billions... Continue Reading →

Oh goody, something else to label as addictive and dangerous. Because we were running low on things to clutch our pearls about.

Now Gabapentin is being used as a scary word in the ongoing battle of prescription drug abuse. I cannot for the life of me understand how these people are getting high off of Gabapentin. If you are going to label a medication as addictive due to sedation effects, then even Benadryl isn't safe. Regardless, tightening the noose on prescription medication is not going to solve drug addiction. You have to figure out why someone is using them and tackle that; otherwise they'll just find something else.

Don’t be like Equifax…have some common sense at least

Equifax is the poster child this week for bad data security decisions. I know this may not seem interesting or is something to worry about, but you absolutely should be worried. Experts and others are recommending that anyone with a credit history assume they were affected by the hack. Here's what can happen to your personal information on websites and what to do if your data is compromised.

No sleep fuels the drama llama

This was me yesterday when B was trying to explain weighing different kinds of averages. Really, this is me when he tries to explain ANY mathematical or statistical concept. But when I'm not sleeping well and am stressed out (which is the norm lately), it's a million times worse.

Adventures of FADI Queen: The Conclusion

Kind of disappeared for a few days. Struggled quite a bit last week with some medicine changes. I've been up since 8am Monday and my nerves are razor thin at this point. It's time to wrap this origin story up. Can't have the FADI Queen forever trapped in her darkest days, can we?

Westmoreland City Council – Work Study 9/7 Notes

I would like to post my notes from last night's work study. The work studies are more often than not 4 hour long meetings every first Thursday of the month, and this one was certainly no exception. The video from the meeting is posted for all to view. This is a long post as I tried to include as much information as possible. All of this is public information from a public meeting that can be requested at City Hall. No personal opinions regarding city business items are included per the Tennessee Open Meetings Law. I cannot comment about my personal views on any particular item in social media; I can only provide what was reported on and discussed, and I can provide additional resources or follow-up information as needed.

Why having a soft heart sucks sometimes

It's amazing how easily you can grow attached to an animal, even if it's not technically yours. I've had some waterworks over the years as I've seen online friends say goodbye to their furry friends. Today I struggle with saying goodbye to a cat that's not even mine, but she wormed her way into my heart.

Adventures of FADI Queen Part I: Origin Story

In my "What is FADI" post, I talked about my group of health issues that together, doesn't really have a name. So I decided to name it myself...mostly because I don't want to type out Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia all the time. Also I figure as much as it's a part of my life right now, I should still try to stay positive about it (in my own dark humor way, of course). Thus we'll turn my misery into a superhero comic - The Adventures of FADI Queen.

Who the heck ARE you?

I realized that those visiting for the first time through the WordPress community or those from Facebook who may not know me very well would like a more official "About Me" page. Whether or not I'm sane will be left up to your discretion.

Hurricane Harvey: What about the cat? (Happy endings in the midst of tragedy)

All of us can help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, either through donations, organizing drives or fundraisers, or volunteering for rescue or cleanup needs (list of organizations involved is linked in the post). Also, I discuss a story many of us didn't want to believe, but is in fact real. However, all are safe and sound...a happy ending for a few of the folks (and pets) devastated by this hurricane. And unfortunately it's not over yet.

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