Why having a soft heart sucks sometimes

It's amazing how easily you can grow attached to an animal, even if it's not technically yours. I've had some waterworks over the years as I've seen online friends say goodbye to their furry friends. Today I struggle with saying goodbye to a cat that's not even mine, but she wormed her way into my heart.

Hurricane Harvey: What about the cat? (Happy endings in the midst of tragedy)

All of us can help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, either through donations, organizing drives or fundraisers, or volunteering for rescue or cleanup needs (list of organizations involved is linked in the post). Also, I discuss a story many of us didn't want to believe, but is in fact real. However, all are safe and sound...a happy ending for a few of the folks (and pets) devastated by this hurricane. And unfortunately it's not over yet.

Every dog has its day

Hard to believe, but I grew up with dogs as pets, not cats. I'm not just a crazy cat lady. I will love and try to protect just about any animal that is fuzzy and cute. I'm pretty much the real-life version of Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures.

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