Adventures in Catland: Reepicheep the Laundry Police

"Lady, you better be separating the laundry. I'm not laying on any pink towels because you're an idiot." Grumble, grumble, grumble... "Nobody ever listens to me." "HEY! HEY! DID YOU HEAR ME?!? Don't make me have to do this myself!" "Hmph. That's better. Just don't add any of that smelly stuff to my cat bed."

Let’s Meet the Meowers of Death

A lot of you are probably thinking, for a site called When Cats Attack, there is a distinct lack of cats around here, neither of the attack variety or otherwise. And you are correct. Time has gotten away from me and I have not given their introduction the attention it deserves. I had hoped to... Continue Reading →

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